Artsy Leaf Content Submission Guidelines

Interested in sharing your thoughts, humor, art, and/or experiences with a group of cannabis culture enthusiasts? We would love to have you as part of our tribe! There are just a few simple guidelines below that keep this community open and respectful.

What We Do and Do Not Publish

Do Publish:

  • Content that inspires, entertains or educates our community about cannabis/plant-based medicine art, culture or music.
    • This can be in the form of listicles, memes, articles, polls, etc.

Don’t Publish:

  • Content that is racist, sexist, ageist, etc. (you get the idea). We do not tolerate or give a microphone to jerks/unkind humans. If your content does not fit into the overall ethos of the Artsy Leaf community, we reserve the right to decline your submission.

Content Guidelines

  1. Please ensure that you are submitting original content.
  2. Content should include proper attribution, including links to source references, etc.
  3. Links to your site or product placement are OK, but please limit them to 5 per content piece.
  4. We do not censor self-expression, however tone does matter. Keep that in mind when creating your submission.

Process for Submissions

Step 1: Submit your content piece via our portal.
Step 2: Our team will review your submission and either approve or reject.
Step 3: If approved, you are live! If rejected, make sure you are following our no jerks/unkind humans allowed policy and resubmit.