Dandy Lion


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Whilst illustrating a 16_ѝx20_ѝ Dandelion in 2016, I thought: Dandy Lion could be it_??s Spokesmodel to tell all the benefits of DANDELIONS!

Yes! That pesky, beautiful & beneficial _??weed_ѝ they tell you to kill to save your pointless manicured lawn.

The discovery lead me to research several beautiful weeds I saw over-growing the property next to the gallery – I discovered the health benefits of chicory, found fennel growing in the lot- it_??s just amazing how blinded & dependent we_??ve become on others to survive & for inaccurate information!

Dandy Lion reoresents that. 🙂

This is the OG conceptual sketch framed, prints to come!?_

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  • Vendor: Nikki Crome
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