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Picking up the cannabis-inspired pieces where other markets fall short

Just one year ago we were shocked to discover that Etsy, a popular online marketplace, prohibits the sale of paraphernalia such as bongs and roach clips, and any CBD-related items. As two cannamoms and event professionals inspired to innovate following the Covid shutdown, we quickly saw a need for a creative haven and safe space for cannabis enthusiasts to purchase and sell canna-friendly products while allowing creatives to retain full artistic control. 

Enter The Artsy Leaf, the marketplace embracing cannabis culture and supporting the artisans and creators inspired by the plant. 

Etsy recently announced its commitment to spending 40 million dollars this year to combat the 400% jump in the non-compliant listings it saw in 2020. The Artsy Leaf is now needed more than ever and exists to provide a community of acceptance, where creativity is not hindered by inequitable policies and a cannabis-friendly audience can be reached.

I want to be a seller…but I don’t want to sacrifice my control! And does everything HAVE to be cannabis-themed? 

Whether you want to sell a wacky apron to use while whipping up some cannabutter *chef’s kiss* or a cannabis-themed board game (can someone please create a High Monopoly?!) The Artsy Leaf is here to support your dreams. Vendors of The Artsy Leaf are not only sellers, they are partners who work together with The Artsy Leaf to elevate their brand, demonstrate their work, and get their products seen in what is often referred to as a controversial market. Following a vetted on-boarding process, vendors are able to operate on their terms with complete market transparency and control when making decisions on how to sell using The Artsy Leaf marketplace.  

I support the cannabis industry but do not have a canna product, can I still sell my artwork? 

Merchant shops and products don’t have to include a cannabis reference, and vendors and buyers do not have to be consumers, however, everyone supporting The Artsy Leaf must be an advocate for, and supporter of, the cannabis industry. If you want to sell artwork of your cat (or artwork for cats?) or an artisan homemade candle (candles for cats?), we’ll get your store in front of cat people (and cats).

No matter what other marketplaces are doing (looking at you, Etsy), The Artsy Leaf will continue to be a voice for the cannabis community and provide a platform for small businesses, artisans and creators looking to sell uniquely crafted pieces. 

I want to get involved! 

If you have a uniquely crafted product and your values align with The Artsy Leaf, it is easier than ever to sign up to become a vendor.

Where other marketplaces fall short, The Artsy Leaf will remain a safe space for a centralized marketplace where vendors have control and self-expression is celebrated. 

Cannabis is a global conversation and together we can continue to promote the cannabis industry and work towards a brighter future. 

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