1. What is The Artsy Leaf?

The Artsy Leaf, is a multi-vendor marketplace designed help cannabis-friendly creators sell their wares in a centralized location with emphasis on remaining uncurated and celebrating self expression within the cannabis industry.

3. Do I need to have web development experience to set up a shop on The Artsy Leaf?

Don’t be silly! This is one more area of your business you don’t have to worry about. The shop setup experience will be just as user-friendly as the shopping experience - simple, quick and, dare we say it, fun. Now take a breath and let us help you get started. We have a full easy to set up wizard for you to follow as well as helpful guides and training to make your store the most successful online shop it can be!

5. Does my artwork or product have to depict cannabis or include cannabis related content?

No, the artwork does not have to picture cannabis (but it sure can)! And buyers don't have to be consumers of cannabis. They only have to be advocates and those supportive (or curious) of the industry.

2. How does The Artsy Leaf work for vendors?

As a vendor with The Artsy Leaf, you become part of a consistently growing network created to support cannabis normalization. Once you are onboard, you have complete control over your shop.

4. I already have a shop (retail, Etsy, in person), why should I sell on The Artsy Leaf?

Do you support the Cannabis industry? Is your target audience canna-friendly? Part of the difficulty in this industry is finding reliable, reputable, quality goods from vendors and shop for them online in one place. We’re here to help make that process a little easier for you, the store owner, and we’ll market on your behalf! Let us handle those hurdles while you focus on what you do best, creating!

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