Cannabusiness 101 Series: Taking the Plunge

It’s 2021, and the Cannabis Industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, thanks largely to a surge in state legalization practices. So how can you get in on it?

In our Cannabusiness 101 Series, we will share our experience and provide tips to help you navigate the setting up of your creative cannabusiness quickly, compliantly, and with ease.

Taking the Plunge

Step 1. Gather Your Digital Resources

Snag your URL! Even if a website is a long way away, it never hurts to get in from the get-go. Having cross-platform social media handles early on gives you the peace of mind to develop your brand while knowing customers are always heading to the right place.

Once you’re happy with your digital resources and have a feel for the content creating process, jump in and create your vendor profile on The Artsy Leaf. Our premier multi-vendor site will be your ticket into the marketplace of creative cannabusiness.

Step 2. Assemble Your Tribe

The next step is onboarding the right visionaries and creatives for your brand. Think—what do you want your cannabis business to look like? What kind of talent will you need to attract?

Ensure the people you bring on are in line with your company vision and have skill sets that are well-suited to the jobs you need to offset. Consider outsourcing tasks or roles that may not warrant a full-time hire right away. There are always cost-effective solutions to starting up, and it’s never wrong to ask for help!

Step 3. Protect Your Trademark

Conduct a trademark search for your brand. By securing your intellectual property early, you are protected against unexpected changes later down the line. Plus, all of your hard work spent building a brand will remain in your hands! With the growth seen in cannabis compliance, this is the perfect time to get your business started right.

Step 4. Talk About Yourself

With that preparation out of the way, it’s time to introduce yourself! Take a moment to share the best parts about you and your business—your story, your inspirations, and what brought you to establishing your brand. Let people know the person behind the product. After all, we think you’re pretty cool already.

Stay tuned for more Cannabusiness 101 guides to help start your cannabusiness quickly, effectively, and compliantly.

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Written by The Artsy Leaf

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