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6 THC & CBD Teas to Get The Vibes Flowing

The cannabis tea game has changed. We just had to get you a list of teas that are truly a cut above. Enjoy this curated list of cannabis teas that will be sure to invoke your floaty end of summer vibe.

For THC Lovers:

Evergreen Herbal Tea

Work calls, errands, chores, kids screaming? Ugh, I know. Forget about all that for just a sec. Tune it out and float through your day with Evergreen’s Herbal Tea. This high-quality organic tea quiets the mind and sharpens focus– all while keeping you functional. Get all your errands accomplished while enjoying this Egyptian sourced, caffeine-free, and mellow indica blend. Melt away your anxieties with Stillwater’s soothing Evergreen Herbal Tea– it will get you through.

Kikoko Positivi-Tea

Sometimes you just need a lil zap, you know? Kikoko’s Positivi-Tea kicks you into high gear with its energizing effects. An infused green tea with a 10mg THC to 5mg CBD ratio provides a perfectly balanced blend. Wonderfully aromatic lemongrass and spearmint bring freshness, keeping you chipper and alert while on the move. Want to feel positive? Enjoy Kikoko’s Positivi-Tea. 

Canna Tea

I honestly love Canna Tea’s soothing Honey Rose Chamomile Tea, especially after a tough day. The ultimate relaxation potion with 25mg of pure indica — Ruby Farms Hindu Kush. The notes of chamomile and honey blissfully slip you into a dream world. This tea is great for anyone with chronic pain or for someone who needs to unwind after a long, stressful day.

For CBD Chillers:

CBD American Shaman

For something totally different, try CBD American Shaman’s Sparkling Tea. If a good pot of tea is meant to wind you down, these are something else. Perfectly dosed and conveniently packaged—perfect for beach getaways or hammock mornings. With four flavours in the mixed pack to choose from, your herbal tea just got a little more “herb.”

CBD Infused Tea

You’ve got to love a brand that gets straight to the point. CBD Infused Tea takes the tactile pleasures of filling your own bags or pots (packing a pot?) and infuses it with relaxing and water-soluble oils. Blazin Berry Black Tea features complex and woodsy flavours or blackberry, currants, and assam tea blend beautifully with the natural essence of CBD. Plus, you get to optimize your ideal experience by dosing quantity and steeping by hand!

CBD Green Labs

For a totally different experience, CBD Green Labs have put together CUE Rise—a concentrated CBD shot with Lemon Tea and caffeine. Both stimulating and relaxing, sharpening and calming. Whether CBD gets you going or slows you just enough, this energy shot changes the game and truly offers something for everyone while tasting fantastic and fresh.

Enjoy these cannabis teas and get the good vibes flowing this autumn.

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Written by The Artsy Leaf

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